"This girl shivers and crawls under the covers with all her clothes on and falls into an overdue library book, a faerie story with rats and marrow and burning curses. The sentances build a fence around her, a Times Roman 10-point baracade, to keep the thorny voices in her head from getting too close."

Friday, February 25, 2011

oh! i want winter and this book.


i like summer.
i like swimming in the ocean and feeling like i can stand on my toes (without the use of pointe shoes) and being able to float...weightless...like gravity does not exist.
i like the feeling of sand between my toes and the sound of the waves crashing towards the shore.
i like the sun kissed freckles that appear on my nose after a few weeks.
but sadly...
i love winter so much more.
i love the cumulonimbus clouds that appear on the horizon, bringing rain that refreshes and cleanses.
i love the cold mornings where there is nothing but the sound of the early morning trains and the hum of the electric currents in the air.
i love the mist that sweeps through the suburbs silently.
i love the sound of the kettle clicking off knowing that a cup of hot chocolate is to follow shortly.
i love the rain tracing the window panes as one cuddles up to their loved one.
i love the puddles that form after a shower and being able to jump into them with ones gumboots.
i love covering up in trench coats, knitted sweaters, scarves and warm boots and still being cold.
i love being able to write love messages on misted up windows.
i love curling up with a good read on a wet sundays morning.
i love i love i love i love i love i love i love.

[in more ways than one]

i really want that book.
have it today.


  1. http://weheartit.com/entry/7532375

    After reading this post, I thought you'd like this photo!!! XD

  2. Just stumbled across your blog... I had to leave you a comment to tell you that YOU HAVE THE CUTEST HEADER I HAVE EVER SEEN ON ANY BLOG EVER... honestly. I love it!