"This girl shivers and crawls under the covers with all her clothes on and falls into an overdue library book, a faerie story with rats and marrow and burning curses. The sentances build a fence around her, a Times Roman 10-point baracade, to keep the thorny voices in her head from getting too close."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

owl always love owls.

the above owl is puzzles. he lives at a bird sanctuary called, "the world of birds"
and he is blind in his one eye and he has only one wing.
i was privileged to meet him.

the photos of the owls are from our 3 year anniversary.
owls are my absolute favorite animals.
they are wise, wonderful and whimsical.
and aren't these two little barn owls (above) absolutely delightful?
they make my heart glad.

"The wise old owl
Sat in an oak.
The more he saw,
The less he spoke.
...The less he spoke,
The more he heard.
Why can't we be like
That wise old bird?"

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